Public comment Baidu sued a large number of plagiarism copying content

morning news (reporter Li Donghua) yesterday, the Shanghai first intermediate people’s court accepted the plaintiff Shanghai Hantao Information Consulting Co (hereinafter referred to as the Han Tao company) accused the Beijing Baidu Netcom Science Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Baidu Inc), Shanghai jietu Software Technology Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as jietu company) unfair competition disputes. Han Tao company petitioned the two defendants to compensate the economic loss of 90 million yuan.

Han Tao, the complaint submitted to the court, Hantao company of "operator". Since 2012, the company found Hantao Baidu Inc without their permission, and that Baidu maps mobile phone client in Baidu map website, operated by Baidu to provide life service information in the process, the contents of a large number of plagiarism, copying all its "in" user information, user reviews, causing many users, to mislead the public, cause huge losses to the.

company will contain infringing content jietu Baidu Maps service embedded in their own website, to further expand the scope of infringement of the Baidu Inc, together constitute the infringement and unfair competition behavior and Baidu Inc.

Han Tao company to court, requesting the court to order the two defendants to stop the infringement and unfair competition, published a notice to eliminate the adverse effects, the common compensation for economic losses of 90 million yuan and reasonable costs of the infringement to stop payment. At present, the court has accepted the case, will choose a public hearing on the case.


, Baidu’s official response, the industry has been strictly abide by the international rules of robots agreement, only in the website open to Baidu robots agreement, Baidu will crawl the site data, and will provide for the majority of Internet users search. Baidu map as a life service platform, through the integration of the depth of the industry’s information integration, to provide users with food and beverage and other life service information, vertical search services. Public comment on the robots protocol for Baidu and other search engines open, Baidu maps grab the contents of the public comment network is in the case of the robots agreement allows.

Baidu said that at present, Baidu map is also actively working with the public comment network to explore a better mode of cooperation. Also hope to be able to further strengthen cooperation with more third party professional vertical website to provide better information services for the majority of Internet users.

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