Ministry of public security to carry out network fraud and other network services platform special r

in recent years, Internet fraud, online theft and other illegal crime, criminals through illegal network service platform, communication, personal identity access to phishing Trojan and account information, use the network to change the phone number, bulk SMS and other big implementing network fraud and other criminal activities, serious harm to the legitimate rights and interests of the masses of the people. In order to effectively curb multiple Internet fraud and other illegal and criminal activities, to eradicate the breeding ground of cyber crime, the Internet to enhance people’s sense of security and satisfaction, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses of the people, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau network security organization of national public security organs network security department, from now on to September this year, carried out the related network fraud and other multiple the crime of network service platform of special rectification.

the special rectification to strike and synchronous rectification, the public security organs will focus on "online security mess", focus on remediation and special attack, 5 kinds of network service platform includes: phishing, hacking to provide sales, trojan virus, hacker attack damage, communication information theft and tampering with network crime tool methods; selling and providing personal information of citizens, identity cards, bank cards and phone "black card"; the illegal sale of pseudo base station equipment, and SMS software; provide malicious registration, false certification, false trading service; and domain name registration and reselling fraud etc..

during the special rectification, the public security organs will fully clean up information is illegal and harmful content title, content, account name and profile, the group name and profile and other information; the full implementation of website, platform open, management personnel registration and safety protection measures; investigating the high incidence of illegal information and safety management of network service on the platform, refused to fulfill their obligations, refused to rectification crime legal management, resolutely pursue legal responsibility units and related personnel; to Internet fraud, online theft and other multiple network crime clues, timely organize the investigation by the special rectification, effectively purify the Internet environment, to regulate the Internet in order to eradicate online multiple crime breeding ground.

public security organs network security departments to remind the masses, to effectively improve the network security awareness and prevention capabilities, and actively online reporting of illegal crime clues, to build a delicate air space network. Network crime report website:

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