Stationmaster net thirteenth period SEO class begins to register

training purposes: in the rapid development of the network today, how to attract a large number of sites for the high quality of access traffic, which has aroused the concern of the site owners. In many ways of network marketing, search engine marketing with its unique advantages, has become the most sought after hot objects. Only the structure and information on the website of the relevant adjustment, then in accordance with the strategy of certain skills on the site for maintenance, can flow into the high quality Everfount for site from a search engine, called search engine optimization technology, through the training courses for students in SEO under the guidance of experts, fast learn to search engine optimization techniques, to avoid wasting time in their own way; to study the system of the whole working process of SEO, quickly master SEO optimization.

For the crowd:

enterprise network marketing, brand management and the person in charge of advertising, marketing director, marketing personnel / responsible person and website and e-commerce personnel, personal webmaster, web design, website promotion for SEO employees.

training content: SEO combat training +SEO guidance

Start time: June 28th 20:00 -21:30

lecturer introduction:


coke, English Eden, SEO and SEO of the full-time project manager training instructor. 07 years into the SEO industry, specializes in SEO analysis and training, do imitation licensing foreign trade SEO, a number of well-known Chinese site SEO optimization operation, is currently the best known novel station operating optimization. I emphasize the data driven SEO operation, has accumulated over more than and 10 training companies and nearly one hundred personal webmaster.

training: voice training

class: a total of 14 lectures time: June 28th -7, 15, every night at 20:00-21:30

tuition: 300 yuan

(30 students in this period in accordance with the registration order, full of people. Commitment: not finished or not satisfied can apply for a full refund, learning outstanding stationmaster net responsible for recommending SEO jobs)

registration advice: QQ:583850134 886128 phone 0516-83798263 18605160189

training content reference:

1 Chapter 1 search engine

1.1 industry status and career development

1.2 search engine tasks and goals

1.3 search engine market share

1.4 user search behavior

1.5 user search behavior classification

1.6 users how to search

1.7 search engine

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