Hungry king announced 2016 takeout orders Shanghai girl 1292 single won the first prize

January 6th news, hungry, the official release of the platform in recent years, big data – 2016 national takeaway order, which produced a lot of interesting data.

data show that in 2016, money hungry orders Wang Wang and Wang supper were from Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. Among them, a girl surnamed Li from Shanghai with 1292 single success as the annual "single king", most everyday 7 takeout orders, but the weight is reduced from 130 pounds to 95 pounds, because these orders are products of low calorie diet.


won the "money king" is an entrepreneur, the order for the company’s colleagues at meals, including dinner, as money also is not difficult to understand. "Supper king" is a crew of workers won.

hungry big data also show a slightly wonderful season for takeout effects, most do not want to go out after the volt, the students from Guangzhou Baiyun institute. The fastest growth in the number of takeaway cities in Wuhan, which accounted for the vast majority of cold drinks.

by the cold and haze influence, many people choose to order, at home or in the office in the winter, orders for the first five places the highest followed by Beijing Wangjing District, Tianjin Normal University, Shenyang Normal University, Yuzhong campus of Northwest University For Nationalities, Changchun normal university.

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