The Chinese The climate does not suit one to raise the public because the smart devices become the


"crowdfunding" is a word with a good many even idealistic, means that you are willing to money to let people realize their dreams, drawing a picture of the imagination of the painting, do not a single popular speech, making a record of social reality documentary, do a cool electronic assembled block…

until today, Kickstarter, Indiegogo on film, music, drama, games, comics, food to raise the public, still some supporters on the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, more than 1/3 of the show is completed by the public to raise financing.

but in China, all the chips in the model after a few years of exploration, but went to a different route to buy, become the distribution channel of smart devices. What are the driving forces behind this?

all the chips in the Chinese changed, this is because the

The climate does not suit one.

we surveyed five people on the market mainstream website: raise the division of time, dream network, the Taobao chip network, Jingdong to raise the public, to raise public.

named time announced in August 2014 the transformation of intelligent equipment sales, dream network and raise public network is mixed with all the chips and chips, Taobao trading, Jingdong to raise the public is completely driven to promote trading business platform.


once insisted for three years to raise public mode, finally the transformation of intelligent products purchased, CEO Zhang You summed up the reasons behind the "failure":

mode all the chips favour initiator (business), relying too much on human own kind, but there will be a large number of supporters hurt, bring great burden to the customer complaint platform. In addition to the public at the same time with the electricity supplier pre-sale and social welfare characteristics, two kinds of people mixed together is difficult to operate.

even in the United States, I do not think that all the chips is a very successful model, compared to the amount of money raised from the real VC channel is still too little, or itself has a strong public interest.

all the chips trapped in China, with the overall socio-economic level, the distribution of consumption has an important relationship. When everyone in the Taobao, Jingdong, sea Amoy busy to meet consumer demand is rigid, how to better the bustle of life, you can’t blame them not to support those tall on the creation of a dream.

Chinese social transformation led to the social construction of rapid change, M rapid collapse of the social middle class, which lead to not enough people are willing to support the dream, also lead to not enough people have enough motivation to realize the dream.

wants to achieve something, it is likely to give up a lot of security, to accept the risk to spend a lot of time but no return, willing to risk venture.

Behind the

"really raise" is actually China crashed, the existing environment is not suitable for "support" to realize the idea, we love on the consumer rather than supporters of the position, more attention to tangible.

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