Three departments jointly crack down on online rumors website was shut down rectification 43

Beijing, 22 July, 22 reporter was informed that the state Internet Information Office, the Ministry of public security is to carry out joint action, focused on the deployment of combat use of the Internet rumors, transfer rumors behavior in the country, recently has been shut down for rectification a number of rumors are more concentrated and poor management of the site, and more than the use of the Internet rumors, transfer rumors personnel.

since July 15th, the state Internet Information Office, the Ministry in three batches according to shutting down due to poor management, leaving rumor sites, filing procedures for information, spread rumors online Ganzhou, did not perform in the communication management department Chinese general dignitaries net 4 sites to be closed in accordance with the law; to shut down for rectification punishment on the fence nets, Huilongguan community forums and other 43 sites in Kunshan; on ESPN forum, Pizhou forum give pause to update penalties. The relevant departments in the work found that individual countries set up departments rumor sites have become the channels of information dissemination, has instructed the relevant departments to suspend the website updated for rectification. At the same time, the public security departments in Beijing for fabricating rumors information users Ma, Hainan users BAE according to administrative detention of 37 made up, spread rumors order punishment and education users give admonition.

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