Through organizational restructuring look at Baidu’s strategic direction in 2016

December 14th, Baidu announced a major restructuring, the formation of financial services group (FSG), the consumer finance business, wallet payment services, internet securities business, and the vice president of Baidu financial services business group general manager Zhu Guangren.

in February this year, the formation of the three major business groups into the world’s top four business groups – mobile service groups, emerging business groups, search business groups, financial services group. Baidu on the future 3-5 year strategic layout ready.


organization widely circulated online map to some extent, we can better understand the Baidu four business group division:


mobile services business group (MSG): mobile service business groups including post bar, hand, mobile games, mobile cloud and LBS, etc.. It can be said that these products in the mobile service business group carried the entrance of Baidu in the mobile terminal, but also to further expand the advantages of Baidu in the mobile portal.

emerging business group (EBG): the understanding of emerging business group Baidu business is not accurate enough, Baidu big market public relations and government is clearly not within the emerging business group, emerging business mainly includes a number of areas of education, health and safety, Baidu and other international business. From Baidu in the education and health sectors in the layout view, Baidu actually want to use new business foreshadowing, expand the market, the layout of the future.

search business group (SSG): search business group has always been the basic business of Baidu, including the search business group, as well as hao123 business, etc., bear the important task of drainage. It is worth noting that, which also includes Baidu Nuomi and Baidu takeaway these two seemingly unrelated to the search business.

financial services business group (FSG): financial services business group is the only way to adjust the organizational structure of Baidu has just set up a business group, ready to focus on force. According to the requirements of the Robin Li initiative, Baidu financial services business group will use Baidu big platform advantages and independent business group, the rapid advance of Baidu features of financial service mode in the field of Internet banking".

finance, O2O is fulcrum: constitute the future of the new Baidu

Baidu financial services, although relatively late, in fact, is the trend. On the face of it, Baidu to do is finance, in fact, Baidu’s financial services, especially in the payment business and other business closely related to O2O.

From the perspective of macro

payments, Alipay development early, have the advantage of WeChat to pay is the use of 600 million users of WeChat’s volume and social relationships quickly became an important tool for micro payment. On the surface, the mobile payment has been monopolized by Alipay and WeChat to pay. But actually >

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