The problems and suggestions existing Witkey

      today with a friend on the road of my design from Web users in the role of influence on the website structure and interface, talked about the rough interface. Why doesn’t it make a nice interface? No developer or development is very difficult, certainly not, because it is the home page has changed the good to hear or see. Why, then, leave the task interface to that original level? Even those Netscape will see below gray "like 98 years I learned to do" when I saw it.

      wheat had talked about his time in ant network through the K68 platform of the new Logo in his article, feel the Kang K68 founder of "net sense", which is the K68 reservation page style simple reason, because, as long as grasp the fundamental user requirements, the interface is not always the most important thing. However, a beautiful interface can also be in the people to find their own work on the site at the same time to give people the beauty of it, why the city must engage in city construction?

      page is not a problem we are concerned with the problem of K68 and what the core value of other Witkey network is? Now a lot of IT technical staff, learning IT a lot of people, outsourcing environment is also a problem. The company can not find people to complete the task, the master can not find enough space to play their own ability. Whether it is to do the master Soho, still working full-time in a company, he must have a lot of extra time, if the time can give him a commercial value, and to help those who can’t find the master company to solve the problem is most needed, this is the value in witkey. According to the imagination, so the market is quite large, and the investment company is also very optimistic about the Witkey website, it seems some Witkey websites have claimed he got how many million investment.

      so, how do they live? First of all, to which a Witkey business? If a company is ready to implement have developed a set of CRM system, the project is expected to cost about 100 thousand, period of three months to six months, and the need for the project team to provide professional dedicated service, so, Witkey website is not up to the requirements of the. The enterprise can not be willing to put 100 thousand yuan in cash to K68 account, then wait for others to cross. I think, first of all, it is suitable for the scope of the project is relatively small, suitable for single complete (of course, if there is a small team of professional outsourcing based on K68 survival that is good), secondly, its development costs can not be too high.

      this condition is very important, as the wheat field said, in order to recruit a new Logo, 500 yuan hit the K68 account, the successful bidder can get the $80% that is $400. Results submitted to the finished product

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