Developers see 10 web design trends 2014

how to make web design more modern? 2014 website design will change how the trend of the development of web design? In December of this year were reviewed, always find a lot of delight in the change. Last year, we also predicted the 2013 Internet Design of the top 10 trends, such as interactive design, personalized layout, full screen to attract visitors attention, etc.. Many of these trends are expected to become mainstream in 2013 and are expected to continue in 2014.

1 personalized layout


is my personal personalized layout supporters, naturally want to see network design more and more personalized try style, one of which is more prominent and more personalized font: with their own unique design instead of the standard font printed, so the design is more unique. For example, "Stuff and Nonsense" this site provides design font services, so that the font in the embodiment of personality while retaining professional printing style. We look forward to the design of the site in 2014 to be more details from the personality.

2 flat design


last year, the top 10 trends, we mentioned the "backdoor" design (Skeuomorphism), referring to the reality of things as much as possible to the mobile phone elements (such as charts, back shells, etc.) designed more specific, quasi. While the "flat" and "minimalism is quasiphysical" back in iOS7, obviously felt more simplified chart instead of the original exquisite picture, the actual application effect is more prominent, the reaction application experience, and not confined to the external image of an application on. Apple Corp this year to promote flat design, almost all of the design can be modified to join the flat element.

Apple Corp has always been a guide to the design of electronic products, to promote the design of other products have followed the design style of iOS7, while network design has begun to adopt a large number of flat ideas. This trend is expected to continue in 2014.

3 background map beat slide show


to say the biggest trend in network design, probably the use of large background images.

(large hero areas, the background image is printed from the design used in professional terms, network design is usually covered with the entire screen image, with a few words of the text), often appear in the website home page. The definition of a large picture of different backgrounds, some with a vague background, some (such as realtii) is a clear picture. Large background images quickly replaced the once popular slide picture display plugin as a web design element

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