Public comment Jiang Yueping buy times have changed in the past O2O two points

I horse review: 2010, O2O is a group purchase era, bubble rise, within two years of rupture. Today, O2O is undergoing new changes, including price, membership management. Product O2O party, Jiang Yueping, vice president of public comment on the phenomenon was interpreted.

in 2003, we didn’t know O2O. In 2011, O2O to fire up, but is just a beginning, in the face of the 20 trillion market comment is still a long way.

recent year, the rise of a variety of thinking, what the Internet thinking, O2O thinking, various forms of subversion of the traditional industries, a variety of tuyere, a variety of pigs, too busy.

actually, think about it. For O2O, the nature of these changes brought about by the fun of how much?.

the first phenomenon is the price. 2010 is the era of buy, up to now, buy is O2O. So far, the group is the most complete closed loop O2O, the largest scale, this year is expected to increase significantly over last year, reaching about 100 billion of the scale.

buy the most prominent feature is the discount, ultra low price. This makes a lot of companies, including comments and so on, have spent a lot of time to think about the past four years, cheap to bring what business, to the user.

now, I deeply feel that the price should not be the only subversion of O2O, although the scale of the most advanced group, but the real wonderful in the back, buy only a starting point: the field of concessions, is changing.

vouchers out, accounts for a large proportion, rarely 50 percent off low, mostly 7.5-9 fold, then the name of group purchase sell, but in fact is to pay coupons.

in the form of above, there is a lot of room for improvement, such as limited discount. I opened a shop in the morning to find the weather is bad, business affected. So I can do this: 1 kilometers near the shop users, special discount. This problem has not been solved, the form is very good: do not undermine the price system and play a stimulating role in the consumer is also very good.

comments made some attempts in Beijing, Shanghai pilot. You will see that in the original business inside, there is a discount is about to start, the whole single 30 percent off, only the working day at 2-4 and a half, a lot of stores this time there is no business.

second phenomenon is member management. For example, membership card, Shanghai has a shop, offer 1000 yuan to send $250, take this to the store to replace the membership card.

but there are two mistakes.

many companies will look at the pull flow, do marketing, promotions, but how to pull people into loyal customers, increase the frequency of the purchase of the guests, this did not get attention.

this year, the review took over from the hands of Tencent micro life, combined with the public micro life, to help enterprises do membership management. We have two very strong abilities on the C side

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