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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) May 26th news, social media losses seem to be very common, for the loss of state we seem to have become accustomed to. Take the world in addition to Facebook earnings, other like Twitter are at a loss, while the domestic WeChat, Sina micro-blog also did not see the disclosure of earnings. In the last week, unfamiliar street after the release of the second quarter earnings report, rare to see the profit.

unfamiliar street first quarter Marketing Services Revenue $6 million last year, basically zero. This increase is mainly due to the strategic cooperation with Alibaba and 58 city and other companies operating business, and its own marketing services revenue growth is one of the reasons. Unfamiliar Street chairman and CEO Tang Yan said: with the launch of Momo  6, will achieve long-term goals as an important step forward, the long-term goal is to make every one of unfamiliar street users find them around the concern of people, and connect with these people.

social media loss, in the past mainly expansion, investment stage, access to basic customer base, to achieve flow is realized, monetary, but the loss of multiple social platforms behind, and the flow of cash, money means too radical social experience has led to weakening, the loss of a large number of users.

and many Internet Co, unfamiliar street in the same way of profit is mainly depend on the membership, games and advertising these three tricks. By the Q1 earnings report, unfamiliar street revenue mainly from the membership subscription, mobile games, mobile marketing and pay emoticons and gift mall. Compared with the original prospectus disclosed, in addition to the new year in January this year, the introduction of gift mall, there is no difference in the source of income.

data is indeed a physical change. For example, unfamiliar street member growth is slower than the subscription service revenue growth, you can appreciate the value of which ARPU upgrade. That is to say, the proportion of registered users to subscribe to the service, the contribution of individual users to increase revenue, which has a user stickiness and traffic conversion secret, and the platform user experience is deeply related.

although compared to last year’s   4  quarterly   68%, the proportion of membership subscription has declined, but the company’s current revenue is still heavily dependent on the growth of membership revenue. In its latest update of   6.0  version, unfamiliar street to strengthen the recommendation mechanism on the same label message board users, and launched a real-time chat room function, combined with the company "in this connection the connection of people" slogan, looking to expand the user relationship still will be the main driving force of the revenue.

Tang Yan said that the second half of the street will also try to live in the street O2O local business services realized, mainly similar to the 58 home service class and takeaway O2O field. But does anyone really want to take it with you?

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