Guoxin office the introduction of new regulations on nternet news management

Beijing News (reporter Zhang Ting) yesterday afternoon, the National Network letter office held a forum on behalf of the mobile Internet industry. At the meeting, the national network information office deputy director Peng Bo revealed that the year will be issued after the revision of the "Internet news information service management regulations", he said, "this will be the latest and most complete Internet field, one of the most important laws and regulations".

527 million Internet users mobile Internet

it is reported that this is the first time since the establishment of the National Network letter office held a forum on behalf of the mobile Internet industry. From the central news unit, central news sites, news client, micro-blog (18.5, 0.46, 2.55%) guest website, instant communication tools, enterprise application store enterprise, enterprise, government mobile search public account and WeChat public account related people in charge of speech.

Peng Bo at the meeting pointed out that since June 2012, the phone has exceeded the PC end of the first terminal to become the Internet users in china. At the end of June 2014, China’s total of 632 million Internet users, of which mobile phone users reached 527 million. The huge number of Internet users make China become the world’s largest mobile Internet market, but also makes the mobile Internet has become a huge public opinion field.

Peng Bo said, "on the Internet in China, there has never been a time like this, to provide so much knowledge and nutrition, but also filled with a lot of garbage and saliva". He said that the rapid development of mobile Internet, the more need to be standardized in accordance with the law.

network security law is expected to introduce

Peng Bo pointed out that the law network, including the protection of the development of the mobile Internet industry, to safeguard the interests of enterprises in accordance with the law, including the specification of the development of the mobile Internet industry in accordance with the law, against all kinds of illegal behavior by making improper interests. At present, eight kinds of illegal behavior mainly exist on the Internet, including fake public institutions, media publishing, dissemination of pornographic information; information release; storm information; false advertising; rumor; release of undermining national unity speech; slander; infringement of privacy.

Peng Bo said, for the rule of law, implement the network fall fine, China has formulated the "Internet legislative plan", will accelerate the introduction of network legislation, will be revised "Regulations for the administration of Internet news information services during the year". He said, this will be the latest in the field of Internet the latest, most complete, the most important one of the laws and regulations".

at the same time, the network security law, e-commerce law, personal information protection law, the protection of minors and other Internet legislation is also further research brewing.

eight kinds of illegal acts on the Internet

fake public agencies, media release information;

publish and disseminate pornographic information;

released violent terrorist information;

issued false advertising;

release rumors;

publish destruction nation >

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