nternet information service management will be a new rule against monopoly and piracy

Internet information service management will be a new way (Sina pictures)

network audio-visual industry or contraction leading companies will benefit from

Chinese Securities News reporter from the day before the authorities informed that the revised "Internet information services management approach" is introduced before and after the Spring Festival, the approach will improve Internet content supervision and crackdown on piracy. This indicates that cottage boxes, pirated audio-visual products will narrow the living space, the network audio-visual industry will shrink, while licensed or genuine content of leading enterprises will benefit.

upcoming new deal

2013, Chinese online video users reached 405 million, accounting for 68% of the total number of Internet users; online video has more than Chinese social network has become the first major Internet time service, which highlights the strong vitality and development potential of the network audiovisual industry.

multiple industry research report pointed out that the current network of audio-visual industry is the top priority in the field of Internet, this round of rapid development is mainly driven by technology. After the Internet in the PC, mobile phones, television three terminals throughout, the new format, the product was explosive growth, Internet TV box, video sites homemade drama, network TV, etc..

however, with the rapid development of the industry, the relevant laws and regulations are lagging behind. China Securities Journal reporter recently learned from authoritative sources, the revised Internet information service management approach is expected to be introduced before and after the spring festival. The current "Internet information services management approach" was issued in 2000 the implementation of the more than and 10 years later, the oligopoly phenomenon serious Internet piracy, piracy, Internet applications, copycat box products, rampant, seriously affected the healthy development of the Internet information service industry, the urgent need to amend the relevant regulations to meet the new industry environment.

the authorities said, the new version of "Internet information services management approach" is expected to intensify efforts in two aspects: one is to increase Internet antitrust efforts, to enhance the Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, 360 and other Internet giants monopoly regulation in Internet information services, to protect the interests of small and medium enterprises, to prevent oligarchy monopoly; two is to improve the content of supervision, strengthen law enforcement efforts to combat piracy, piracy and pirated products, content does not meet the regulatory requirements or content without the content of the broadcast control licenses party audit. The new deal will severely punish the cottage boxes and Internet content piracy platform, help to improve the content of the license side or the content of the license provider to cooperate with the market share of the content provider, competitive.

industry or shrink

in 2013, with the rise of OTT, fast Internet TV, music as millet, Alibaba and other enterprises to enter the Internet and TV box market, telecom operators, traditional TV manufacturers are eager to keep up with the trend of fear. "This is the direction of the development of the network audio-visual industry, as it has just started, the parties have flocked to the enterprise, a time"

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