Quickly denied said in 2017 listed a short video will be more popular

a few days ago, according to foreign technology blog Techcrunch reported Huobian the three or four lines of the city – Planning in the United states. In this regard, quickly issued a statement yesterday, the clarification on the matter, do not understand the information sources with hands, this is not to say that.

although this thing is not true, but according to informed sources, then more than 40 million daily active users, monthly active users reached 100 million, the recent valuation of about $3 billion, is undoubtedly very hot.

foreign media that currently have a big advantage quickly, in China market without competition with Facebook and Instagram, which makes it have great development space, in addition, the quick and Snapchat, high user stickiness, and can quickly launch Snapchat similar functions in Chinese continue to attract users.

short video industry or in the Papi when the fire was completely sauce wide known and highly sought after, if 2016 is a short video industry officially known as one of the enterprise export stage, so in 2017 the industry will be more mature, is likely to become the next level field.

short video has become one of the important means of dissemination of content and social networking platform, with the popularity of 4G, accelerate the development of network infrastructure fees, mobile video user market matures. Similar to live, short video platform users can be obtained through the original content and traffic has become a fan of the current mobile Internet era just need.

not only that, according to the February 2nd afternoon news, today’s headlines officially announced the acquisition of the U.S. mobile short video creator community Flipagram. After the completion of the acquisition, will receive Flipagram operations team, while Flipagram’s video content will also be landing headlines overseas products. Prior to the acquisition of Flipagram, the headlines have been in Japan, India, Southeast Asia, North America, Brazil layout. Thus, this is an important step in today’s headlines globalization layout, but also an important step in the development of short video strategy.

short video has the characteristics of short video, fast transmission, simple production process, low threshold, strong participation and so on. These features make the short video from the emergence of the rise of the time is very short. With the extension of the use of Internet users fragmentation trend, as well as the deepening of multimedia content consumption habits, the future of the short video market users will continue to expand.

short video has a similar broadcast of the property, the audience can be released directly through the content platform for short video producers to reward, giving gifts, this part of the income is considerable. Compared with the traditional text and video content, the visual form, the variety of content and the high sense of interaction bring a diversified profit model, which is the advantage of the current content in the field of entrepreneurship.


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