Case analysis of emotion is viral marketing ideas

– mango net and NetEase mid autumn card cooperation case dialysis

introduction: high affinity brand is how refining into? Some people think it is a product or service. Both of these are important, however, to create a good brand reputation, but also rely on the success of marketing operations. How to get the customer’s feedback in the marketing operation, to find the best signal transmission brand, in the most suitable way to communicate with consumers, become one of the key points. Emerging online travel e-commerce platform – Mango network, on the use of cooperation with the characteristics of NetEase products, successfully do this.

, from 2005 to strengthen industry and enterprise innovation development angle, has 80 years of history, China Travel Service Group invested heavily in the construction of online travel e-commerce platform, mango, mango net to all of its travel resources construction has become the sole use of e-commerce platform, and to promote the rapid mango network has become an important force Chinese tourism e-commerce market.

April 2006, mango network has taken an important step in the promotion of foreign, announced a strategic cooperation with NetEase travel channel. The two sides together to create a new mango NetEase travel channel, through the full mobilization of NetEase’s brand, user resources to promote the expansion of mango network market. In the tourism e-commerce market competition, as the bright younger generation mango nets, a road in the forefront of network marketing, frequent tactics, gained rapid development.

mining "double" marketing opportunity for

At the beginning of the cooperation between

and NetEase, the brand has been informed and developed as the primary task of marketing.

and after more than half a year of cooperation, mango network into the market growth period, at this time, interact with the user, to carry out deep communication to develop core users, has become the focus of a new phase of mango network marketing.

2006 "eleven" golden week value of the traditional Mid Autumn Festival, double to tourism promotion, is also friends and relatives to bless each other the best time. During the holidays, mango net for all new and old customers launched a special tickets send coupons "," Hotel "send coupons promotional activities.

how to use the opportunity of these activities, seize the link between tourism and blessings, do a more interactive, touch the emotional depth of the user marketing activities?

according to our present custom, the festival wishes each other not only the telephone, the short note and the electronic card these several ways. The electronic card is the ideal platform for holiday marketing, this is because users will take the initiative to request, send an electronic greeting card, the formation of spontaneous, many communication; two is the Mid Autumn Festival e-cards to express the people to the reunion of the good feelings, use this time to do with the "emotion" for marketing. Enhance the brand affinity tend to receive extraordinary results.

NetEase mango net national day travel products and promotional information into a fine

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