The high value of the propaganda posters Yan is

poster is a well-known advertising means, whether it is business of a commodity or community planning publicity, some activities in the preparation stage will all posted a related poster. Because it is the same with advertising, with the introduction of an object to the masses, the characteristics of the event, so the poster is a kind of advertising.

poster design is based on the application of computer graphic design technology, with the development of advertising industry formed a new career. The main feature of this technology is the occupation Express advertising elements on the image, text, color, layout, graphics, use according to the characteristics of advertising media, through the relevant design software on the computer to realize the expression of advertising intention of a graphic art creative design activity or process.

but if you think the poster is to find a ‘word, then you are wrong! First talk about making some posters to note:

1, full of visual impact, can be achieved through image and color.

2, the content of the poster expression refining, seize the main appeal point.

3, the content can not be too much.

4, the general picture based, supplemented by the copy.

5, theme font eye-catching.

composition skills, in addition to the use of color contrast skills need to learn from the outside, but also need to consider several contrast. Contrast skills such as composition, and comparison of the composition techniques, density contrast composition skills, static and dynamic comparison of composition techniques, the comparison of Chinese and western composition skills etc..


using the visual impact of a strong new product promotion, may indeed attract some early adopters of customers in a short time. Many businesses to seize opportunities, the use of color theory for product marketing success beyond count. From the 80s of last century, foreign countries began to implement the "color marketing strategy", has been widely used.

1 red. Red always makes people think of hot, especially in summer, if you stay in the red room, will feel irritable, so also has " urgent " meaning.

2 yellow is reminiscent of the sun, so it has " happy "; " happiness " meaning. At the same time, the yellow light in the store is often easier to make people feel comfortable and warm, but also to enhance the beauty of things.

3 Blue reminiscent of the sky or the sea, quiet and peaceful, so with " quiet "; " peaceful " meaning.

4 green symbolizes the green leaf forest, has " pure natural "; " nature does not add " meaning.

5 pink usually represents romance and women

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