nstant marketing five approaches to social media generation

  for brands, instant marketing has never been as important as it is now. The evolution of digital devices (tablets, smartphones) and social channels (Twitter, Reddit – you can always list) makes it necessary for the brand to create content and deliver it in real time.

marketing has evolved into a more complex discipline than ever before, for marketers also put forward higher requirements. Marketers are under even greater pressure to avoid becoming irrelevant, especially when they’re hoping to catch a new generation of young people.

In 2012 4900

million new generation consumers use intelligent mobile phone, 84% of which are eager, active social media users. To seize the mobile / social marketing goal, need more than ever to the theme.

so marketers to create real-time, the brand is also the inherent content? How do they create by consumers want to read and share content on a more personal level of interaction with consumers more young? Time in dealing with your new generation, the following five things remember:

1 to maintain the initiative of the dialogue, otherwise the exchange is still in progress, you have been excluded. In the recent issue of the Wall Street journal Q & a session, Disney’s Anne Sweeny and television producer I.Marlene King has said that online communication is changing the entire creative process and organizational operation. Communication is ongoing, organizations must remain focused, and provide timely and continuous feedback, in addition, there is no other way.

2 prepared in advance and prepared for the process of investment. Investing in the necessary resources is critical for planning important moments and communicating with young users in real time. After that, during the criticism of the forty-seventh Super Bowls off accident, Oreo hired a team of up to 15 people in the social media to deal with anything happened during the game, Oreo even prepared a tweet two different versions, has prepared a possible period of want or need. (Translation: the 2013 forty-seventh Super Bowl sudden blackout, Oreo immediately posted on twitter a take off at advertising, the power supply was restored within 35 minutes of being forwarded more than ten thousand times, like thousands of times, won numerous praise for Oreo.


3 assumes that they focus on multiple platforms simultaneously. A survey of super bowl shows that 36% of viewers receive information from multiple platforms. For brands, in a major cultural moment to personal information or emotional level close to your audience, there is a perfect way, that is, through the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer terminal related social channels, real-time, quickly respond to your audience.

4 targeted

. When your goal is to be a new generation of young people, it is important to find them

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