Okamoto’s copy is absolutely a stream of TT

if the Durex to copy an old driver, so Okamoto is probably a two dimensional adorable girl, when other competing products are in the administrative micro-blog yiyanbuge drove when she was poker-faced and we talked about love


style… To feel his adorable mud


no matter where you are in the world, I will see you again.

– "your name"


in the lonely time think of a person, not what,

but if you miss it when it’s busy, it’s different.

– Yi Shu


anyone can become vicious, as long as you tried what is called jealousy.

: "ashes of time"


I feel my heart more and more can not tolerate feelings, in this regard, I seem to be allergic.

– what are we talking about when we talk about love


woman to a man who still loves her, but she no longer loves

can be more cruel than anyone else.

– "the moon and six pence"


it’s not a sudden decision to leave you alone.

people are slowly getting cold, the leaves are turning yellow, the story is written slowly ending.

and love is because too many disappointments, not to love.

– Yi Shu


you have to love like you’ve never been hurt,

you dance like no one’s watching you.

– Dickens


is the world’s only two things to make life worth living,

this is love and art.

– "the shackles of life"


if you think about yourself in love, there’s only one reason:

in fact you still love yourself.

– "the moon and six pence"

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