Facebook to break up the crowd to send Valentine’s day marketing content

today is Valentine’s day. You are hunting cloud to open the circle of friends, for fear of being force fed a dog. But when hunting Yunjun finishing this article, could not help but a barbell like laughter, ha ha ha ha ha ha……

on this day, even worse than the single Yunjun hunting dog is certainly those people were breaking up, in the face of experiencing the pain of breaking up, you hardly wished to live. But don’t be sad, don’t worry (pretend to be serious), life must go on. You need to overcome your deepest fears and regain your confidence.

but these are nothing, in this day, this day, Facebook is now planning to use the negative psychology of breaking up the crowd, combined with the company’s internal information to plan the best targeted marketing activities. Facebook know your pain, understand what a small bar (Lie Yunjun back smile).

Facebook IQ Moments That Matter file in the latest in a series of projects in terms of how to effectively use the consumer downturn after breaking up the mentality of the marketing, marketing personnel can use these skills and reference user data to locate their target audience. The data from the web site are the results of a survey of 5 people from France, the United States, Poland, Arabia, United Kingdom and the United kingdom.

Facebook’s top research team found that people are not dealing with each other every minute, repair the relationship between each other, the data is quite enlightening.

in the period before and after the user visits surge Facebook break up, break up, these users also immediately update the status to "single", however, we can only assume that these visits is at any time the user wants to grasp the latest trends of the former results, we can not judge according to the experience of this phenomenon.


according to the social media platform, small after the couple broke up is often through social interaction to heal. More than 3/4 of respondents said it was important to get in touch with friends and family during the recovery period. But they may have been in love, more or less ignored the original good relationship. Of course, it’s not their fault.

for marketers, these customers do not just want to forget the emotional pain through simple shopping, they really want to be able to completely get rid of sadness. Tourism shopping data show that the official announcement of the split after the purchase of users increased by nearly 25%.


in this case, Facebook said that the marketing staff loved, make full use of this period of time the user after the break, take marketing capture users, into their single life and become an indispensable part of their recovery period. In essence, the purpose of this marketing is to fill the user’s empty broken

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