Web site how to seize the start page

            as we all know, in addition to site navigation, the site does not have its own actual content, such as the theory of entertainment or other aspects of use. So, how to lead for web site stand? In fact, mainly by the browser to grab the start page. Only, as long as the preemption of the starting page, the natural rate is very high. When your site occupied a certain share of the station, the scale effect, the butterfly effect will appear. The webmaster can secure!
            however, how to occupy the web browser start page? That’s what I want to talk to Admin5’s friends today.

            first I said my opinion, I think the start page to capture the Internet browser, need to do the following:
          the first step, to practice magic, we must first from the palace. Now hao123265114la has occupied more than half of the country, and their own style (style) of the public! So you have to catch up from behind, the first step is to first practice itself, to create a unique style of his own. Want to let users read your web site, there is a kind of find everything fresh and new feeling reborn. Also, another major factor sunflower inapproachable jewel is fast! Fast! Fast! As long as there are two points – the style of fresh, fast access – I can guarantee that access to your site in the Internet users, there will be a large proportion of Internet users will be willing to put your site as a home page. I have my own experience, the webmaster friends can see my station: http://s.e108.net  style, absolutely different from any of the current large web site, the entire page lets people look feel very comfortable. And my server on the backbone of the Internet, there are few pictures, access speed. I believe we all the webmaster Admin5 is extraordinary talent, create a set of their own style that is a piece of cake!
              the second step, make friends with congenial persons, rush about telling the news around spreading. That is to do promotion. How to promote web site? I have a few days ago, a piece of paper, you can refer to: how to promote the site in 2009, a lot of promotion work must be done, I’m on the word of mouth today to promote this approach to explore with you. Previously, like hao123, 5566 and so on are forced to modify the Internet browser start page to start, in this way the effect is really good, but now with the browser’s powerful, YAHOO assistant, the rise of 360, this way.

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