400 telephone applications and other popular keywords how to promote summary

here is divided into page optimization and keyword optimization.

so-called page optimization refers to the form of a web page, a keyword in a certain range of repetition frequency, and so on, and keyword optimization refers to the site’s title, keywords, and the optimization of the description.

here is a good example to share with you. In Google enter "Shanghai 400 phone application", the natural number one is: bainao.com/0605/400.htm website. The structure of the site is about the left side of the body around the telecommunications 400, right around the "400 phone", "business", "number 400" and other keywords. It should be noted that the site’s PR value of 0, but also did not do the title, keywords and description of the optimization.

this is a special case, and it can not be said that keyword optimization does not function. And this website also is in this a key word passable, but in other key words is not best. For the site is a key word in the natural optimization of the first is not enough, so the keyword optimization is necessary.

I talked to Zhang Wei, he thinks title and description have a role, and keywords has no effect. I’m not against it. At least on the search engine title and description role is clear. I think it should be around a key word for title, and then do the verb or noun. Such as: Shanghai 400 phone | Chinese 400 phone application, installation, management, price, price, service charges. In explaining why to need to say a little life to write such a title: to search keywords are divided into 3 kinds: 1 in the title, keywords, completely in the title in 2 do not match exactly, but contained 3 keywords were not included in the title, but in the expression in words. Said my writing down keywords title is perfectly logical and reasonable.

back to analyze my title, it is around the "400 phone" this keyword, and then expand: + application, installation, processing, + tariff, price, charge, business. You can understand that people who have extended the first 3 words have a desire to buy directly, while the extended word has the potential to buy.

and description should meet two requirements, one is the statement should accord with the basic logic, the two is the need to list some of the more cold words, but really is a keyword search. The intention here is to form differentiated competition.

here it is necessary to point out that Google’s Chinese title can be put in 34 Chinese characters, and Baidu can put 31 Chinese characters. And in the description of the Google control in 50 Chinese characters, while the Baidu control in the 66 Chinese characters.

this is my basic understanding of the website optimization.

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