Empty fox founder and capital side is inconclusive but torn out of venture capital unspoken rules

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is nearly a year, around the year-end summary of venture capital is dazzling, but this year the most controversial summary and not from a popular investment chiefs — women entrepreneurs Yu Xiaodan 90 "disease in me" maxed social network, and lament the capital will own kicked out of the empty fox founded.

Yu Xiaodan was born in 1990, founded in 2014, second-hand trading community empty female fox, and subsequently by the capital blitz, according to public information, the empty fox obtained from Sequoia Capital lead to 20 million yuan A round of investment in June 2015 August 2015 announced by the Kunlun World Wide Web led the $15 million B round of investment.

previously, empty fox about Yu Xiaodan and her works for CEO, the arena full of "genius girl", "beauty founder" and other titles, and even a lot of CCTV to spray Yu Minhong "and" VC chase investment "," by keeping a boyfriend to live like the words deeds. It seems to the outside world, this is always an unlimited entrepreneur and her potential entrepreneurial projects.

however, a "20 days" as the title of the article was suddenly at the end of the year the rapid maxed social network, with nearly 6000 words of Yu Xiaodan readme article, tells how to lose control of the company in which seriously ill, and was forced from the capital settlement, founded two investment projects, after accounting for the shares 60% "cleanse the family".

Yu Xiaodan the main reason the company lost due to capital, on the one hand is signed an investment agreement did not truthfully account, existence of funds leads to the daily operations of the company is not in trouble; on the other hand, is in distress and personal illness in the capital to non normal valuation took the founder of absolute holding shares. Eventually founder of unconditional exit.

venture capital unspoken rules

A portrait of Yu Xiaodan

, the social network has aroused a lot of entrepreneurs forward, in addition to Freemasonry, some people think that the 90 entrepreneurs to tear out the field of venture capital doesn "unspoken rule" — these are entrepreneurs status as usual but buganshengzhang strange.

first, in the current investment framework agreement, entrepreneurs and investors status is not equal.

Yu Xiaodan wrote in the article: "because the investment framework agreement only limited contact with other investors that a company has a legal effect, there is no limit to the investors, so legally investment institutions do so there is no problem. Later my second round of financing, the company and investors signed with both constraints of the legal effect of the SPA (the official investment agreement documents) together to provide financing, media information, investment funds ultimately still here."

she has also further revealed the status of inequality and has been the cause of the implicit declaration – will enter the blacklist of investors, she said: "if you ask me, since there are legal constraints"

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