The old new talk how to be a qualified derivative

said the derivative of the word, it should be said again today a commonplace talk of an old scholar, micro business, the micro business philosophy has not changed, but a lot of misunderstanding in the application process, these misunderstandings will distort the derivative business philosophy, which leads to the micro business management has become more and more difficult. A lot of people only through WeChat to complete the sales task of marketing is micro business, this concept is not comprehensive, a successful micro operators will inevitably have some excellent qualities, with a positive attitude to business derivative. Then, according to the actual business concept of micro business, analysis of how to make a successful micro business.

first, micro providers not only in the sale of products, more in the promotion of services. WeChat platform precision services so that many micro businesses tasted the sweetness, which led directly to the micro business is just how to sell goods, regardless of other. Whether it is WeChat chat, or WeChat group and circle of friends have appeared in a large number of advertising information, so that you can not delete all deleted. It was a good thing, but it turned out to be a bad thing. Some micro business is very diligent, one day push out ten message, a derivative of ten days, ten micro business? That advertising does not take to devour the user. Therefore, some WeChat users are very disgusted, but also very helpless, after all, some of the friends but the relationship, but also embarrassed to talk about what the front. It can be said that advertising harassment has become WeChat’s most serious problem, the impact of the development of a micro business. Micro business since it is necessary to sell products, or to shift their eyes, the target is staring at the service, to solve the problem for the customer, rather than increase the trouble.

second, make full use of WeChat platform on the functional resources. A lot of micro business is indeed not stop using WeChat’s various functions in expanding fan base, actively marketing and promotion, the use is very one-sided, mainly on around to send information to specific work, look around how much people are engaged in micro business in such a way with micro business the so-called work. How to use the WeChat platform, there is also a skill, mind, creative way to enable customers to accept, this allows the user to feel good, willing to take the initiative to promote, this effect is much stronger than to blindly promote hundreds of times. In addition, WeChat circle is a small circle of ideas, which is the biggest advantage of micro business where, as long as you can grasp the characteristics of friendship marketing, from a qualified micro business nearest a big step.

third, micro business to play the advantages of small bigger and stronger. WeChat is a small circle of friends, that is the concept of small, rather than the actual meaning of the small, to each of the small circle constantly linked, constitute a large micro business world, where the market value is huge. A successful micro business will make good use of the value of the characteristic of WeChat circle of friends, with a small start, do it slowly, each stage is calm thinking, in each new stage comes to quickly adapt to the environment. Many failed derivative is lost in Jigong eager, kept and tangled, resulting in what are not obsessed with strong grasp, often.

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