Jingdong Galaxy S7 24 open innovation reservation free waiting for you to receive

spring, the recovery of all things in March, a new generation of Android and Galaxy S7 edge S7 Galaxy the strong back, the two section of the 2016 most popular flagship will be listed in the first Jingdong. March 11th 0:00:00 onwards, to participate in the appointment of S7 users can receive your Galaxy page in the Jingdong. March 18th 0:00:00 began, Jingdong APP open platform to buy, the end of the more able to grab an hour ahead of time.

event details: link http://s.sale.jd.com/act/IxOy7pwg6eoHM.html


in order to support the king return, Jingdong for the purchase of S7 users for a huge discount. A participant in the Galaxy S7 reservation users can receive free IOUs, and have access to 3/6/12/24 for different time to pay interest free qualification; at the same time, the Jingdong involved in S7 "one yuan grab treasure game only spend 1 yuan of money will have the opportunity to get the value of 5688 yuan S7 Galaxy one edge; moreover, March 17th to March 24th 24 23:00 in S7, S7 or edge to buy Jingdong have the opportunity to obtain a transparent shell, fast charging, wireless self bar, mobile power and smart Bracelet five Hao Li; more surprise, users can also use the new for old, all the chips and other ways to obtain the S7; the top 5000 drying single user is a surprise gift; more broken screen insurance, speed up, no reason to return multiple security escort


is worth mentioning is that March 18th is the first day of S7, at the same time when the Jingdong and Samsung together to create the whole category of Samsung super brand, "is not the same, so the best one in the whole world –" style pumianerlai. By then, Jingdong will launch a large wave of promotional activities involving computers, televisions, mobile phones and other Samsung products. Every full 1000 minus 100, Samsung explosive tiaoloujia berserk.


as the first half of the only one of the flagship products, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will also use Xiaolong 820 and Samsung’s own Orion processor. Compared to the previous generation of products, the Samsung continue to carry forward the design philosophy of the frame before the round, round and curved glass fusion transition more natural, more comfortable hand-held mobile phone, can be described as the perfect combination of texture and sense of science and technology. Excellent quality of the process can not let Samsung stop here, this is a IP68 grade dustproof waterproof phone, even if the depth of 1.5 meters can not let Galaxy S7".

technology is perfect, and not stop at the perfect process. There have been comments that you see the world in the Samsung phone, even better than the eyes of the world to see, this evaluation is no exaggeration, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 e>

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