Jingdong cold chain order new electric refrigerator tricycle why choose the full speed

in recent years, fresh cold chain logistics market has intensified the trend, the cold chain logistics enterprise and warlords, have to compete for this piece of freshly baked cake. In addition there is fresh produce large subsidiary of COFCO COFCO I buy joined the melee, the logistics courier companies also have, such as rookie network, SF and other enterprises, relying on the construction of internal logistics system is mature and a party to dominate the business enterprise also entered the Jingdong.

is well known, Jingdong rely on a strong logistics network to allow consumers to get a good consumer experience, Jingdong and thus yield and reputation double harvest. A mature enterprise entered a new field, must do the homework, and the Jingdong’s performance is quite good recently, according to reports, the day before, low temperature Mengniu yogurt business announced a strategic cooperation agreement with the Jingdong, the Jingdong will supply the entire cold chain Mengniu’s low temperature yogurt and lactic acid bacteria fungus beverage. At present, the business is only carried out in Beijing, the future will be gradually promoted in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities. Analysis of the industry, which also reflects the Mengniu milk business plan to achieve the national distribution of Jingdong.

October 19, 2016, Zhoushan municipal government and the Jingdong store fresh division signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will rely on the distribution process of the Jingdong proprietary cold chain distribution system, standardization, can enjoy 48 hours of direct supply of origin of Zhoushan sea delicious. Jingdong in the field of cold chain logistics even under the number of cities, the strength of its strong, so how can Jingdong in the strict requirements of the cold and cold food in the deep sea seafood access to favor?

Mengniu side said that viable yogurt and lactic acid bacteria beverage storage temperature of 2~6 DEG C, if the storage temperature is higher than 6 DEG C will have adverse effects on the product. At present, the scientific quality management and standardize the circulation market of aquatic product in our country level is still at the low level, not only the goods loss rate, rot loss rate is as high as 15%, the "frozen fresh" fake "chilled and chaos is not the case. So, how to ensure the quality of fresh goods, it is not only the perfect degree of logistics network contest and transport speed, but also the technical means and transport equipment of the contest, the construction of the logistics network has been increasingly improved, how to choose the high quality cold chain transportation equipment, right?

is reported that Jingdong has been ordered for a variety of transport equipment, and strive to find the best partner in the corresponding links. In the cold chain logistics, the last mile problem solution, Jingdong aimed at the full speed (Beijing) cold chain equipment sales co..

(Jingdong customized medium speed full speed electric tricycle)

transport is full of cold chain equipment manufacturers output has considerable strength in the industry, has witnessed the rise and development of China’s cold chain market, electric tricycle refrigerated its production, with the domestic advanced technology refrigeration and heat preservation means, at the same time, because the GPRS technology application and intelligent management background, intelligence collection the implants, also let it in cold chain transport.

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