Foxconn electricity supplier battles rich networking odds geometry


foundry giant Foxconn do electricity supplier. In November 2014 05, the media reported that Foxconn once again the density of electricity providers to accelerate the layout, intended from the internal transferring 99 cadres business institutions to join in the full vigour of life, rich networking that Foxconn was set up last year, to re build their own business platform.

was involved in the electricity supplier,

as a typical foundry enterprise, Foxconn is unwilling to permanent wedding dress has been a dream, complete the transition from processing enterprises to trade enterprises.

As to the direction of

processing technology to Foxconn, is the achievement: in the production process of deep technical accumulation, as the industry leader; currently has tens of thousands of patents, patent holders for the highest number of top 20 enterprises of the United states. But from the development of processing to the trade direction has been unsatisfactory, and even can be used to describe the defeated.

2010 Foxconn after years of brewing, the introduction of the four stores + a website, the whole consumer channel system of the grand idea. In this system, including Foxconn and Metro cooperation, Italy online with Gome and Suning against the "million city"; "cyber digital square" as the main IT stores; in the supermarket as the carrier of the "daring digital"; and cover the following three line city "Ten thousand steeds gallop. stores. The online e-commerce channels, is the "Flying Tiger tesco".

the team and plan looks beautiful, but the final development is disappointing. In March last year, media markt in Shanghai closed all 7 stores, with broken halberds defeat. The aspiring tiger Tesco for airborne and old staff infighting, low investment and other reasons is blocked, return to the location of internal online shopping. "Because the problem of goods, Ten thousand steeds gallop." operation became more outgoing, Ten thousand horses stand mute. "off message. In June this year came the holders of "cyber digital" has sold all 48% shares, relatively smooth daring digital development is very limited, hard task.

The grand blueprint for the

year, has now become a waste, completely become a byword for the electricity supplier counterparts.

unwilling to fail, incursion

although the loss is not but lose the first battle, for the huge empire, Foxconn did not injured in the sinews or bones. Terry Gou has a strong and indomitable character of refuse to be cowed or submit, not admit defeat. From this point of view, Foxconn do electricity supplier is still pretty fight.

may be bought a lesson, this time Fuji Yasuhito’s earlier high-profile anti aggressive attitude is quite low-key. In early 2013 April, rich networking establishment, 2013 July officially launched, initially settled Tmall flagship store platform presented in the form of. In this year, Tmall 618 big promotion, launched its own American mobile phone brand InFocus, turned into one-day shipping, before five, impressive performance. At the end of September this year, rich networking officially launched the independent domain name > trial operation

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