Double eleven Carnival gaming show something different

is a double eleven, the electricity supplier giant host Ning Mei country in the double eleven day held "Hello Funny Ningmei Guo double eleven Carnival show gaming activities, 2 stars, 4 teams, more than 30 sister paper, 4000 yuan in cash envelopes and several million gift together constitute the incomparable." show technology ", Panda TV 494703 room overcrowding, a barrage of sky flying this day! What happened? The people let off a carnival technology circle what storm? We look together this wonderful moment of the gaming Carnival show! < / p>


1 in the afternoon, the host announced the start of the official activities, to bring you the first is wonderful LOL hero Cosplay Show, professional Coser have brought a wonderful visual feast for us, by a large number of Cosplay enthusiasts and hero alliance game player in hot pursuit.


finished Cosplay Show, then turn to four top talent and beauty with the women’s team – NMK.Girls, LGD, 169, VG Show Time, they want to look at the battle of the fighting? Don’t worry, who said the women’s team will only play the game players also have the talent occupation? First come! Let us look at the NMK.Girls team to bring talent Show.


is the next stage to introduce interpretation system, please go to the gold country nimmay interpretation of Liu Shaji and COCO, the two’s surely you have heard. What, even so influential big V do not know that you really out, and quickly search to



exciting game officially began, the four teams are divided into A, B two group of 22 games, the winner is the winner of the championship. A group is the NMK.Girls team and the LGD women’s team. B group is the VG women’s team and the 169 women’s team.

NMK.Girls women’s team

LGD women’s team

169 women’s team

VG women’s team

in the end, the A group was won by the NMK.Girls women’s team and the B team won the VG women’s team!

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