understand the marketing QQ batch plus buddy analysis

used a Xing a year marketing QQ, with his reason, and everyone else, can accommodate 100 thousand friends, you can buy bulk through official recharge and arrive at 100%, can work on-line at the same time and set the automatic reply, I am concerned only these three functions. Of course, the most important thing is that I want to use the marketing QQ batch plus friends, now the data is king.

but when I use it, I found that the cost of 4500 a year, a little regret. Why?

when I collected 160 thousand fans, began to increase the number of friends with QQ marketing software to add friends, and found not as I wish. Because does not stop with the software, only third days, I received the Tencent official mail, while marketing QQ client also pop news, suggesting that they detected we use third party software to add friends, if so, will be the title, and is currently the first warning.

was scared dizzy, 4500 bought, with less than half a month, plus friends, you want to seal my number?.

I think, is not my friend software batch marketing QQ set up a problem? Well, I have friends of the frequency from 30 seconds to 1 minutes to 1-3 minutes, and then to verify the language from three to 6, the safety of


continue to add, or not, still received a warning, no way, I put the frequency and then changed to 3-5 minutes. The result is still the same.

like this, I’ll never try again. Call the Tencent, said that the server is detected, and if the title, there is no way. Instant Speechless, marketing QQ4500 a year, with the batch add friends software will not work, don’t use artificial to add? A day can only add one thousand to

, God knows how long ah?

but I am not willing to ah, after all, is the 4500 ocean, so I arranged a company assistant, spend time every day to add. In this way, from the purchase of this marketing QQ P, my assistant has been added 1000 people a day, adhere to the six months, and finally put the 160 thousand people over.

these 160 thousand people, in the end of the QQ in the marketing of friends is 28800, through the rate is 18%, is not easy, although less, but the total figure is quite impressive, nearly thirty thousand ah, hey hey. Then I started the first mass advertising, bought 200 is the mass of the mass to mass ten thousand.

when I sent out, received mass effect statistics, found that I sent out ten thousand, showing that only about 3000 of the people received the news, the other is a one-way friend received no news. So, I put these 7000 people sent to the mass of other friends, the result is still received the news that only about 2000 people received the news, that is, each group, only 30% of people can receive the message.

why does this happen, I think there are 2 reasons, one is that some people are set >

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