From the Kell Mann theory leads to the promotion of the three elements

era of information explosion, a wide variety of websites. As an integral part of the SEO, each SEOER put the promotion in a special position. But how can in many talent shows itself and their strength about the site, to stand head and shoulders above others effect? The three stage from Kelman’s theory is derived, should use the strength of the user, allowing users to obey, identity, assimilation, the initiative to become the website promotion.

compliance phase

value of the site itself is an effective way to promote the site. This phrase is used at this stage in the normal. Users are attracted to the content of your site, in other words, the user’s compliance with the value of your site. Therefore, it is very important to optimize the content of the website.

with the emphasis on intellectual property rights now, Baidu function perfect, many webmasters have realized the importance of the original content site. In addition, the author also has a hint: follow current events, grasp the mainstream. For example, in the official Mandela Memorial conference, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, U.S. President Obama and other dignitaries at the meeting were dancing "speech translation". For a time, the translation of the fire over the half of the sky. If you are a web site of the economy, should not take the opportunity to seize the opportunity to talk about this matter on the relationship between the two countries and the future of international trends. The trend of the times to go smoothly, not only can guarantee a sufficient amount of the original source, but also can attract users.

if a site no attractive places, then talk about the promotion is of no avail, the cast pearls before swine. Even if by some means site visits can be enhanced in the short term, Baidu was once aware of, not only the drop, will reduce the weight, work not completed, but The loss outweighs the gain.

identity stage

The difference between

user promotion and other optimization is that it is facing the user. The object is to promote the user, want it to play the role of the user, all the feedback and evaluation criteria are also derived from the user. User psychology is delicate and not easy to grasp, the identity of the stage is obviously higher than the previous step.

users voluntarily accept the views and norms of the site, so that their attitudes, values, etc.. Identification stage, the user clicks on the behavior of the site is not entirely dependent on external factors, but depends on its own site recognition and interest. This is an emotional approach and support. On the basis of user compliance, as long as the content of the site and the user experience to do a good job, to promote the stability of the means to play steady tie, want to let users agree is not difficult.

assimilation stage

assimilation stage want to let users from the heart believe and accept website ideas, beliefs, and these new ideas and beliefs into their own value system, completely changed the course of their own value system. This is the process of coordinating cognitive and behavioral intention. The highest level of promotion, is to the user I >

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