From the Hainan sland international tourism network on line to see network marketing

since China’s accession to the WTO, the central government to encourage Hainan to play an industrial advantage, take the road of industrial opening. The construction of international tourism island, is to play to the advantages of Hainan in the new situation, to carry out a specific claim of the central strategic intent, hope by the international tourism island as the carrier, Hainan tourism market comprehensive factors of internationalization, promote thetransformation and upgrading of tourism industry, and with the development of the tourism industry development to the modern service industry, the it has become the leading industry of Hainan’s economic development gradually, to long-term sustainable development of supporting Hainan’s economy.

in the new form, Hainan Tourism Internet platform as an open window, bigger, stronger, do fine, do the United States tourism information platform is the inevitable requirement of the construction of Hainan international tourism island. But for many reasons, the Hainan influential media tourism website is not much, tourism e-commerce website instead of enterprises and individuals to do in recent years is to develop such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like, certain contribution to the tourism economy in Hainan. However, due to the different functions of the website, there are a lot of defects in the development, and can not create a good network environment for Hainan tourism. To this end, the construction of the government guidance, media, business to participate in multi angle comprehensive information and e-commerce platform for tourism has become a priority.

international tourism island will represent the overall reform and innovation of tourism in Hainan.

some time ago: "sunshine Hainan, holiday paradise" as the theme of the Hainan international tourism island image advertising, the continuous important columns for 10 months at CCTV, Central People’s broadcasting station, Chinese Radio International primetime jointly launched, image of the film 5 seconds the main highlight of Hainan’s unique natural scenery and cultural landscape. And the Hainan international tourism island project mainly involved in golf leisure sports. The image of the film can be reflected by the four most beautiful sunshine Hainan, holiday paradise image to show. The first is the Five Fingers Group of the tropical rain forest, in order to reflect the Hainan free air and superior natural environment; and then there is the most characteristic of Hainan coconut Rhine image, China to show only the beautiful scenery of tropical island; then there is the Nanshan 108 m high sea Guanyin, to show the Hainan peaceful cultural atmosphere; finally there is in Hainan can enjoy the freedom and fun of golf swing both domestic and foreign tourists in four seasons.

we know that the Internet is the market tide, modern media have emerged in the process of the most representative and the development potential of the media, the mass media, we launched the most important task is to attract the most public attention, win their favor.

first, the growing diversity of values as we do the most obvious characteristics of the site. According to a rough estimate, China every day to be born tens of thousands of individual websites, the diversification of values is the soft environment of these sites was born, this is an important prerequisite for the media willing to participate in publicity, has become the most valuable resources in the context of commercial behavior and the attention of the audience. To provide personalized services to meet the needs of the individual, is our greatest strengths and should be

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