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years of job hopping season hot hits! In March and April each year, not only graduates flocked to the talent market, many workers in the past year, a prospect of inventory, often according to the economic environment, industry trends and their own situation to decide whether to quit? At the same time, the enterprise will rationalize the organizational structure and business review. To add staff. The flow, there are some recruitment website to increase marketing efforts, including a company based in the U-Mail platform using the bulk mail of Shenzhen talent network combined with large data analysis, the effect is very good.


talent website application email marketing to enable enterprises and job seekers are both

why talent website develops rapidly in recent years? Job experience of a friend is clear, the morning rush to the bus run to and fro, the talent market, a lot of people around, get a stink, to the interviewer in front, next to the noisy, my sweat, not to say a few words on the back of the people coming in, anxiously stare at; moreover, print your resume to spend money, may be thrown into the trash a talented man finds his ability unrecognized. In HR, the talent market to experience the same uncomfortable, stuffy air, crowded, resume to find "maxima" pile up like a mountain hand, need a pair of eye?. So talent website came into being. Was born in the age of Internet websites, naturally well versed in Internet marketing skills, their choice of email marketing, not only because each account corresponds to each applicant or an enterprise, direct mail exclusive account, good protection of personal privacy, and mail transfer documents in large quantity, easy to save, can be retrieved repeatedly at any time reading, especially when job seekers to work with good running, he in the bus ride on the subway, can use mobile devices to carry the reading treatment as soon as possible.

mass mail has changed to live

Xiao Bian said repeatedly, to avoid being classified as "spam" sender, except for the user sender address into the "white list", the sender should also do more changes, such as the U-Mail email platform has thousands of IP resources, including credibility is very high, can use; in addition, also can use U-Mail bulk mail platform "variable" function will set a mass email user name, name, URL, is set to a different, very targeted.

how to fine marketing services in detail

of course, U-Maill email marketing platform to ensure the arrival rate, but to win customers from the bottom of my identity, users also need to persevere, will do fine, personalized service, because the core competitiveness of the site is "service personnel". Talent website to take more trigger e-mail marketing, web site background automatically and mass mailing platform docking, when job seekers resume, it will automatically send their resumes to HR mailbox. Website focus on two aspects: to attract job seekers to register and put on a resume, but also to attract enterprises to settle and release recruitment needs, the implementation of the service >

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