Suning electricity supplier strategic error decoding home appliances missed the first mover advantag

Suning transition electricity supplier, is China’s most compelling business events. Because the electricity supplier experience from the past, there is no successful case. Why can’t the traditional enterprises have the advantage of e-commerce. Next, we will be one by one Suning Suning electricity supplier.

today to talk about Suning has the most advantage of the electrical category, what problems exist in the strategy, they missed what?

Suning Appliance is the most competitive category, not only the size of the close relationship with the manufacturers, as well as the distribution of the strength of the country’s stores, as well as home appliance professional retailers brand advantage. Comparison of rival Jingdong and easy fast network, Suning strong a few streets, that is, whether it is goods, prices, services, or reputation are stronger than competitors. Other categories do not know, at least the appliance can do electricity supplier boss this opportunity is there. Of course, this is theoretical!


actually results? 2012 sales revenue of 15 billion 216 million yuan (including tax, that is completely true, many people know), about 50% of household appliances, home appliance that is 7 billion 600 million. Jingdong 2012 appliance sales, as far as I know is 100 points Yiduoyi. Tmall has nearly 50 billion of the dishes, is the platform, it does not put in comparison. 2013 how? Jingdong appliance first half of the growth is 155%, first half of the overall growth of over 100%. So just the math, at least in 2013 Suning Appliance does not exceed the Jingdong, nor any trends that can be more than Jingdong. Even as I know the actual data, the back of the fast and easy network has been very tight chase!

so over the past two years, Suning electricity supplier strategy made a major mistake. Some analysts said the expert observers talk nonsense, Tesco to force the merchandise and books to increase user viscosity, to play with the 3C 3C strongest Jingdong. In fact, Suning’s strategic needs is to stay at the forefront of the first, is to first sort a market leader in the category, a category to become the preferred category of online shopping users to form their own reputation advantage.

The results of

played two years after the book was out, general merchandise also is very bad, 3C also failed to kill their own home but wear down opponents advantage but failed to play out! Unfortunately, books and daily necessities are not good, warehousing and logistics are not in place so bad experience, reputation mess, trading volume did not meet expectations, is worse in these two years, the Jingdong and the easy fast network appliance business is developing rapidly, and manufacturers to establish a relationship, reduce the gap of goods, at the end of the distribution, at least in the big city to start footing, reduce the distribution of service gap. Wait until Suning think, the best time has passed.

, of course, competitors in the past year there are mistakes, such as 815 Liu Qiangdong should not play, at least one year later. 815 let Suning Zhang Jindong determined to reform, reform is to touch the line under the interests of the interests of online home appliances. Suning for the power supplier, >

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