Buy network has been dead community e commerce eternal life

has never been a thing like buying so that community e-commerce so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, there is no such thing as buying so that people have such a huge controversy for the Internet business model. Since the Wang Groupon model will be introduced to the industry, controversy and imitation as the tide like waves to the influx of people that even if the waves die on the beach, or a wave after wave generation and will "die".

a thousand regiments battle – buy storm

set off this wave of the group purchase Wang Xing is the initiator of evil founder – school, Fanfou, domestic SNS website, it is the father of the Internet China copycat mode. Since the return of Wang Xing returned from abroad, the introduction of foreign success model:

· founded in 2005. Campus network is a copy of Facebook mode SNS website, 2006 sold to 1000 rubber group, is one of the earliest SNS website, later renamed the

· founded in May 2007 no rice network. For the twitter Model replica in 2009 for closing.

· founded in 2009. Facebook is a Model replica of the Fanfou fall off.

· founded in 2010 the United States Mission network. Beauty group is a famous American group purchase network Groupon imitator.

Wang Xing’s greatest contribution to Chinese Internet is a sensitive sense of smell, good at capturing the trend of international development, strong execution, follow the trend of rapid. However, Wang Xing’s imitation of this really can bring success, has been a question mark – in the hands of Wang Xing, the school network was quickly beyond the happy network is a proof.

U.S. mission network is known as the return of the king’s masterpiece, it is possible that I did not expect Wang Xing group will lead to a cottage tide!

According to reports, the Wuhan region over the past year there have been 50 buy network, Fuzhou since March this year, there have been more than more than and 20 buy network, while the country’s data is said to be 400. In this regard, the evaluation of the industry experts are: 99% will disappear, must be innovative in the model.

two, simple is beautiful – the charm of the Buy mode

group purchase why so many charming, cited numerous heroes jingzheyao


from the user point of view, buy concise, low price. Buy network, the use of a day to buy, the price of ultra-low mode of operation. User interface is simple to the extreme, even the search is not required. Participants do not need to compare products, interested to participate, not interested to leave. For the acquisition of information acquisition, you can log on to buy a daily network or subscribe to buy information. Group purchase price, price is generally fantastic discount, this group purchase not to buy, but fun. Like a spike, fun is better than a commodity

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