Lanting Pavilion set potential kicks off stocks soared muffled

Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming

in the U.S. stock market IPO thriving occasion, Chinese companies listed in the United States to achieve zero breakthrough. Lanting Pavilion started the foreign trade business potential shares this year in the U.S. stock market "kicks", in just 8 trading days, the cumulative price increase has reached 80%.

Lanting Pavilion

set of potential market since performance is gratifying, made a good start for the listed Chinese business trip to the United states.

Hongkong GDC Technology Co. Ltd. plans to NASDAQ Exchange, Lu Xiang rural microfinance Limited by Share Ltd Jiangsu Wujiang city also submitted to the SEC prospectus, plans listed on nasdaq. U.S. stocks traders said that at present there are about 40 listed companies in the United States are in different stages of the approval process.

in 2012 only and YY takes stock of two successfully listed in the United States, a total financing of $153 million, the number of listed companies and the amount of financing both hit nearly 5 year low.

analysts said, after the credit crisis takes stock, to take a very long time unit in the United States investors image restoration in Lanting Pavilion, if the cardinality of shares can continue to be strong, will become the United States investors confidence in the recovery unit in positive signal.

in addition to the Lanting Pavilion set potential, the recent performance of Dangdang equally eye-catching, but also to some extent, to boost investor confidence in the concept stocks. In the 17 U.S. – Japan stock trading session, Dangdang shares rose to $8.08, the market value of $642 million, a record high of nearly 12 months. From the beginning of the May, shares all the way up, compared to the lowest point in April of $3.68, shares have doubled, rose by more than 110%.

in addition, many enterprises China valuations in the recovery,, togetherness era, Sohu shares have hit a 52 week high.

Company Profile:

Lanting Pavilion was founded in 2007, is an e-commerce company, its is China’s leading international trade website. The company has more than 800 employees in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and.

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