Micro business kingdoms silent butterfly WeChat shopping entrance

someone saw the opportunity to micro business, someone saw the risk of micro business…… Micro business ecosystem C economy is rapidly being washed, micro business B economy is becoming the mainstream and backbone. WeChat is tightening the management of micro business circle of friends marketing, the most direct benefit is WeChat’s official shopping entrance – WeChat shopping, the entrance of the gameplay is also changing innovation.

from the Jingdong to the shopping entrance change of product and business ideas to see some clues of WeChat shopping future ecosystem, and with the Jingdong Tencent in-depth, WeChat shopping entrance product form will evolve rapidly, and guide the mode of the butterfly effect and will have the key to the whole ecological electricity supplier WeChat.

product trends: strengthen social elements, the integration of the circle of friends scene

recently, the Jingdong WeChat shopping to try a social electricity supplier gameplay innovation, launched a real shopping spree, and the sub packs can be issued in circulation by multi-level propagation. Consumers buy the relevant category in the Jingdong WeChat shopping merchandise, can receive 10 packs, coupons, coupons and other physical category, WeChat users can choose according to the requirements of package type and will share the gifts forwarded to friends.

this is exactly the same design concept is not with the taxi drops taxi and other applications of red play? Yes, the same is the consumer can share envelopes to the circle of friends, let friends spontaneously spread in the brand, multiple exposure and increase the rate of re purchase.

is not the same, WeChat shopping packs can be selected and donation, which means that the Jingdong for the WeChat shopping entrance designed exclusive membership system, can make the actual needs of users, and the package is more accurate and helpful to the transformation from, and further enhance the user purchase rate, and will expand the scale and flow multiple. Has introduced a variety of objects, lottery and other prizes can also see Jingdong gimmick WeChat shopping innovative social electricity providers play determination, because of its attractive at the same time, it is not easy to manipulate.

WeChat shopping can be shared after the purchase of red envelopes, is the first electricity supplier in the field. This is in addition to the importance of the entrance of the Jingdong related, but also closely associated with Jingdong Tencent marriage, not everyone can play. You know, until now, a quick taxi or WeChat ban, its red envelopes still can not be shared by WeChat group, circle of friends.

there is a word in the Internet era by PC search, mobile era through networking ", highlighting the industry recognition and attention to mobile social networking platform, micro business is hot, is the use of WeChat’s social scene. Mobile social networking scene gives a special pattern of micro business. Micro business seems to be inspired by the transformation of the Jingdong to the entrance of the shopping, the establishment of a mechanism to share the word of mouth through social sharing, and effective incentives to enhance user stickiness through coupons.

on this basis, Jingdong WeChat shopping launch products are more social, more humane, which has been greatly promoted into the red envelope mechanism, as well as the online social sharing >

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