Web site chain optimization there to avoid risk of cheating

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anchor text links and hyperlink content associated with

error within the chain can easily result in the exposure of pomegranate algorithm, and some of the construction of the chain is also very love to increase the density of keywords, keyword description of black, but also on the keywords arbitrarily add anchor text links, or is returned directly to the home page, so random construction caused by love of spiders in Shanghai do not run out on the website inside very easily naturally, it is difficult to site high marks.

is the core link correlation, this is from pomegranate algorithm once again reiterated that there obtained the most accurate conclusions, if we ignore them, still go its own way to stack up the link anchor text, then return the natural love of Shanghai cruel punishment. How can we make sure that the link anchor text and hyperlink content between

anchor text links also need to pay attention to a problem, that is the anchor text for the link to expand the extension of reading at the end, this extension should be context, rather than once again return to the site of the column page, this is easy to give a spider that is cheating, because the column page is not a very good content that carrier only >

anchor text chain is not inside the site to do the more the better, but to follow a principle, will set the anchor text for the link that is natural and necessary, when the keyword appears in the article, according to the context meaning and then set the corresponding keyword anchor text links, so that the user by clicking on the keywords anchor text links, can get more accurate information, it has become one of the most important principles of chain optimization within the site, rather than see the keyword wait for the link anchor text and hyperlinks URL.

anchor text links to focus on the nature of the

general anchor text words are the words of the site, such as you are engaged in talent network, talent network and vertical type of site, medical talent network, then the medical personnel recruitment, medical personnel enterprise is the website’s keywords, these words made of anchor text links on one hand can make a direct and corresponding column on the other hand, let the anchor text link directly to the corresponding enterprise recruitment content page, remember that the diversity of the anchor text chain, rather than all the words are linked to a column page, look to be able to improve the weight of column page, but has the possibility of cheating to column page.

now do websites are attached great importance to the construction of the chain, when the love of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm and algorithm Scindapsus aureus on-line, many owners become traitors, because the construction of the chain of the site seems to be of little help, not only that there might be love to punish Shanghai, in this context, the construction of the website chain is is particularly important, the site within the chain is not smooth to love Shanghai spider crawling website plays a very important role, at the same time for the user experience, has a prominent role in highlighting the website keywords, so how to improve the site chain optimization

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