Wangzhuan Taobao guest Shanghai Longfeng single page optimization keyword selection to be precise

three: relevant and persuasive content to

zern shoes single product brand, we do optimization keyword selection can be zern: zern zern, official website, leather shoes, leather shoes zern zern leather shoes quality is good, how the price of shoes, leather shoes, zern zern zern, how much money, leather shoes shoe stores such as zern offer more accurate keywords. But this choice for when we write good writing, search the customer is also very accurate, the conversion rate is high.

Shanghai dragon! keywordFor this

says the key word choice, it’s good to write, for single page website is so, and I think a close to the authenticity of the text will be much better than a HD Mito, users read your text and the author is in the dialogue, such as I see the shoe stores have en CE such a message: "for the first time to buy expensive shoes in Taobao, I have been in Taobao never buy the expensive shoes, because too much. But when I first bought this pair of shoes, I was still considering whether to buy, after all, six hundred yuan, 1000 yuan in the Wanda Plaza can also buy a pair of very good leather. After YAGE communication with customers, see a lot of evaluation, decided to buy. Also help a friend with a pair, together and together 860 yuan, sent 40 yuan can send me a pair of shoes, but YAGE is not willing to… MM… Ha ha, can understand, what is the principle. I received the shoes yesterday, first feel good, really damn good packaging T. A look that is on the grade of shoes. Today the day wearing shoes, wearing a very comfortable, very fashionable, very suitable for the coarse ore man I. Haha thank customers for YAGE, >

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we look at the unfavorable factors: for example, a single page out rate is high, the user experience is not good, the picture spread, optimization promotion means a single. To these points we can from the 1 to the text to convince users, 2, interspersed in the text in the advertisement picture. Now the station is a lot of big map, and then directly into the mall to another, is the type of blog. We have to talk about the type of blog.

two: select the

: a content + pictures

a Taobao 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/thread-2913808-1-1.html A5 guest contest zern shoes recently learned that in a guest QQ there are many classmates say see, some estimates are already in operation. Then because zern leather shoes is a single brand, but also to get awards in the past 2 months, have a lot of time, while the single page optimization is many webmaster choice. I would like to own Taobao guest single page website how to do web site optimization

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