To help you on the five methods of analysis of the weights of the website

three: how many


check the number of the chain of YAHOO is very accurate, we can see how much the chain number on our website, the correlation of the chain, the station the link, and the link between the station, through the do a simple comparison, the specific circumstances can get a website weight, YAHOO chain more and more web site weight will be high, and vice versa! Especially the relevance of the

YAHOO the chain number

is a great influence on the direction of link love Shanghai weight, the higher the quality of links, the spider through these trans times will come to your website on your site will be more impressive, nature will give you website a higher evaluation, of course, because of the high quality website recommendation, naturally make your website a lot of extra points, so many people say that content is king, the chain for the emperor is the importance of trans


two: how many


: a high quality reverse link

included pageHow much

Alexa than Google’s famous early, when he did the search engine, but later switched to Google but do website ranking, and the reference current Alexa website ranking is more and more low, because now as long as money can effectively enhance the site’s ranking, for those who do not walk the thought of these sites have very high weight, but willing to friends of the chain with them, in fact is not high, of course, for some new.

rankingIn fact, ! !

love Shanghai included page in direct response to love Shanghai trust on your website, included your site more weight will be higher, how much the quality and content included the page has a great relationship, or how to say content is king, but when your web site is included suddenly reduced and you have to be vigilant, not to look at the front page is the first after the SITE command, if the first is, it is very likely that your site is down right, love Shanghai don’t trust on your website, you think website content mostly false original or acquisition, will naturally give up to you collected so, to the long-term operation of your site, to improve the quality of web content that is essential for

of each site and hope that their love Shanghai weight highs, this will have a higher ranking, then there will be more traffic, but the ideal is very plump, show very skinny, a lot of poor people for several years of energy to get a higher ranking, but others engage in PPC, business for many years the website ranking will fall, was in tears, and some one step caused by K is down right, it let the grassroots do to hardly wished to live., completely avoid the realization of this cruel? We had to do to enhance the mystery of love Shanghai weight, find open love Shanghai weight key, below is the author after five years out of the research methods, we hope to be able to help

four: Alexa

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