Keywords hot optimization of several key points of the

if the picture, then please add to the picture alt attribute, or the use of picture content more, named time is almost the same, you can give each image with a running serial number, in order to ensure the uniqueness of this picture.

second: Keywords page keywords and description tags (if it is English keywords, please also appear in URL); although the search engine on the two labels do not seriously, but it’s not a bad use of.


throughout the article should be at least 2-3 paragraph a keyword, in the end should be similar to the first paragraph keywords appear 2-3 stressed under the center frequency of keywords. A good real estate network coding and processing each writing an article, the Shanghai dragon consciousness into the article can cater to the good search engine of high quality original articles, keep for a long time will allow the search engine to spin continuously in your web site. If there is a large number of high quality original articles published every day, it is equal to the search engine crawlers are a lot of eat delicacy, they rely on your website again is not willing to go

fourth: the other page in the anchor text, the words. Keywords anchor text, showing the keyword in the anchor text links to other pages in the article. This is easy to understand, the search engine spiders to crawl the page according to the necessary rules of the content, in addition in the spiders to crawl the page, if other pages appear in the anchor text link to optimize the key word, the search engine will increase the weight of the key corresponding to the site, if the weight is large enough, then this keyword ranking will be very good. This is why those popular keyword ranking good website external links for many reasons.

The content of

first the optimization of the web page appears on the page title tag, one of the most important factors is the title of the page label Title Tag. The title tag should be combined with the website optimization keywords and user attractive enough.

third: the content of the page, repeated this keyword, and bold in the first time; this is a emphasis on the role of the keyword frequency content then it is best to have a ratio is generally between 5%-8%, the purpose of this article is that we not only for individuals, it is to see the search engine.

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