On the love of Shanghai Google search engine

well, at half an hour, the.

good morning everybody, I am Chinese electrical portal editorial a few days ago, wrote 2 original, A5 is awesome ah, all closed, these days the mood, then talk to write some original, talk about my understanding of the search engine, hope you love.

More than 90%

many webmaster friends do stand time is 1 years, Shanghai Longfeng optimization sometimes seems simple but almost inaccessible, why? Do a good website is not only out of love for Shanghai included, Google included, the number of the chain, the PR value, mainly is to earn money. Do not stand for what is it? Is the site of the flow of elements of soul. I believe that most sites 70% are brought by search engine traffic, and it is also the major search engines love Shanghai with Google play a leading role, the brothers like his palm of the hand, which hurt themselves, which are not to offend, domestic Chinese webmaster, most of the traffic is from love Shanghai. While the domestic Adsense revenue sources, mainly from the noble baby adsense.

please love Shanghai engine method there is a daily 11 update information, as well as 2 point afternoon 5 points to do outside the chain, some say Shanghai is ranked love Shanghai employee manual, at this point I don’t think that you need to get it, I believe 99% the webmaster is doing so, unless you have the ability to develop a new generation of search engines and their time.

update time love Shanghai is every Wednesday, Wednesday 1 am to 4 points this time, this time is when some understanding of these the most happy or the most boring, some owners included here soared, the chain rose, some owners are not K fate. The basic normal in Shanghai included station have been increasingly hard struggle and some achievements. Don’t think casually on the site to do something to fool the spider, actually very intelligent spider love Shanghai, many webmaster should have experience. A word of advice to webmaster, do stand to make money, want to flow, it must not be lazy, must update the article every day, and must have the original content, you like Sohu, Tencent, Sina big station, every hour of every day are edited in the code to write original, so he said ah beenincluded so high, outside the chain is also high, because someone made a collection ah, to be included if he reproduced after a chain ah, this is his way to benefit from the engine, please.

9 morning –

for Google, because I was Chinese station, so the study is relatively small, but every day will do the homework, the forum every day in the discussion how to do outside the chain of Google, my dear ah, to English or something I flash, read when English didn’t learn it well now ~ ~ ~ oh forget to leave a sentence hi. Yes, he is Google search on the website automatically, the comprehensive requirements is very high, I worked hard for half a year this update to PR4, then with some excellent large portal station communication.

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