How to choose the investment website Shanghai dragon Links soft VS

in addition, because Links as a long-term investment products, the need to observe the long time link quality. Link business sale website quality are generally not high, largely because of the frequent replacement of outbound links, number of links caused by too much. Link local news network after I had purchased a PR7, 2 months after falling to pr3.

look at the PR7 China national geographic network, the sale of Links there were as many as 109 PR, a value of 0.2, however, each link price is 200 yuan per month. I just find a PR1 site, the PR output value can reach 0.22, can imagine such low investment rate of return.

Shanghai dragon on the site at the same time, the appropriate investment may have a multiplier effect. However, many novice webmaster too blindly, in terms of investment only considering the cost factors without considering the yield and long-term benefits, causing the site The loss outweighs the gain. investment. Today I share with you in your business Links and soft experience, made a detailed comparison.





This is the time to buy the

price list, then the PR is 7, outbound links number is 89.

1, the sale of Links

link has stopped renewals for more than 1 months, now look at this site, PR dropped to 3, 63 outbound links. Now do not know how much to sell this link, ha ha. However, if you still choose to buy links, examine export link number >

black chain is very cheap, Taobao packaged for sale, mainly in the company station, these black chain also have PR value, but a black chain site often have hundreds of links. And this site will have a number of businesses hanging in the above link, resulting in business between the delete link, can not guarantee the stability. Even if the time of the purchase commitment to fill the bag, just to give you added links to other websites.

high weight Links can bring rapid increase in ranking, no doubt. The current market is mainly divided into the chain and black chain.


the chain businesses there are brands, including the common gold chain, gold chain, strong links and so on, their links to the source is mainly concentrated in the local news website, industry website, novels and movie network, so that to ensure the relevance is very difficult. Most owners will choose the site comprehensive local news network that. In addition, look at the number of outbound links to these sites, PR4 sites, the number of outbound links are at least 70 or more, the weight of the corresponding to your site is very small.

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