Teach you how to go beyond the opponent site open speed

two, with JS

Now most of our website


three, the interception and location of the CSS file


DIV+CSS is mainly used to do it, for the CSS file, we can merge the corresponding links to reduce the number at the same time, we should put some small pictures of the site must do a picture, locate the interception in the CSS, it is very good for the optimization of CSS.

if we buy a server, you must employ a very proficient on the server operation, setting and safety aspects of the people to manage our server, be sure to open the speed of our website.

for the JS file, the first thing we need to do less with JS, because the JS for the site open speed is inevitable will impact, JS installed for the website more open more slowly. If we have to use JS, then we put our JS on the web site at the bottom, let us first load the body, loading JS. For our website JS files to merge and compression, which can reduce the number of network connections, the specific data to be obtained from love Shanghai statistics, and JS compression work we want to give professional programmers to do, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. (Figure

site traffic is not so big, is to buy website space can be better is to buy VPS, when buying website space and VPS we must choose the bigger web space provider, such as WAN network, new network, China and so on, do not covet cheap to Taobao or other places to buy some unknown small space suppliers, especially the novice might covet cheap, a big supplier advantage not only in the room, in the service, in the ordinary space no problem when may see not too out, but once a large service chamber of Commerce has good customer service service to help you solve the problem however, small service providers basically can’t do that.


four, enable GZIP compression and image compression


server) file compression

> GZIP compression


, one must choose a good web space (

before we have stressed that the opening speed of website, because of the fierce competition in the Internet website open speed the details may be beyond your weapon, competitors imagine if your website content, the chain or other factors and competitors are similar, but your site open fast page load soon, but his website opened slowly and even sometimes open, then your advantage immediately set up today to share a few points of how to improve the site open speed approach.

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