Small and medium sized enterprises should be how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization

2, the paragraph is clear

Optimization of

simple update their website content is not enough, also need to find some famous website links and cooperation, it will be through other ways for customers to site drainage.

, the first web site

Wei Zexi with the 2016 outbreak, love Shanghai PPC has been in dire straits, this event also is another kind of network marketing mode of Shanghai Longfeng optimization pushed to another sales peak. But we know that many network marketing companies in Shanghai Longfeng optimized fee is very high, for the lack of promotion cost of many small and medium enterprises, we should how to do the optimization work of Shanghai dragon

want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is: there must be a relatively stable website background. Then the production process on the site of our best not to choose the template website some stereotyped, best to let the network companies for their enterprises to customize a personalized professional website, this personalized web site easier to bring customers a good user experience.

Guizhou high was that in addition to network optimization rules used above, we can also use some auxiliary tools such as love Shanghai index and so on to help us better understand user search habits. Whether it is the network company to help us with this optimization work, or to do their own Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, this is a long way to go about, need to insist for a long time will produce a certain effect.

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1, keywords optimization to moderate

in an article describing the best paragraph can clear the logical thinking clearly, so that customers will also be more convenient to read.

in the title will be very good keywords in detail, at the same time in the article will be uneven distribution of keywords for each section, a general article three to five key words should be.

need to pay attention to the following points:

We can


third, for inside and outside the chain of cooperation

second, the content of the websiteIn the optimization process of website content

?The design of

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