The current search engine under the situation of students engaged in website optimization need to av

, now a lot of students engaged in the site optimization is with a strong forward, to invest a lot of money, regardless of their economic capacity, and the students do not have their own income, so to put too much money is very bad behavior. The site for most students, students should be positioned to investment, rather than business. Don’t daydream, you don’t mix 35 years in this industry, do not talk about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is very difficult, but the investment is relatively easy to point. Therefore, students should not spend too much money into the website optimization of them, this is not realistic for students, it is not desirable.

do not put too much energy in the

don’t think of how to make a fortune, gold dream

With the continuous development of the

students engaged in website optimization is not to be able to in the industry in a few years or for a long time, students should do their job, don’t forget, learning is the bounden duty of the students, not the duty of the students lost to the website optimization. So, the best students every day the time control in two hours, if you have the patience, perseverance, best can do their own new sites, reselling site is not king ah. Don’t expect it will keep getting better and better, is a good site in 1000+. Therefore, students in website optimization don’t spend too much energy in this industry, which is not very good.

don’t spend too much money to do

students in website optimization Oh is very trusting, that others are really help themselves, can bring the opportunity to make a fortune for themselves, but we want to know such a sentence, one for himself hindmost. Every man for himself and not to consider, without any cause or reason you consider, for your benefit. In this society, cheat myself too much, it can be said that everywhere. So before the transaction, Shanghai dragon company hopes to students as much as possible to check the information transaction cost Niang, check fraud behavior. Don’t believe the world will fall, make a profit for this dangerous line, students engaged in the site optimization is very important, need to be careful of the 12 students remained cautious.


website, has attracted a lot of students are put into the website optimization among this industry, but due to the current search engine industry currently changes frequently, especially the love of Shanghai this search engine, when students engaged in the site optimization need to pay attention to the problems are many, and here I am we share the current situation of students engaged in the site optimization area what.


therefore, when students engaged in website optimization needs to avoid the attention of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so as to let the students in the website optimization to obtain greater success and find more fun, enrich the lives of students, make students better network station and >

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