The breakdown of industry veteran of Shanghai dragon views of the future

second, with various segments of the installation of the application and popularization of the search engine has become the Internet, especially mobile Internet entrance proportion reduced, and this reduction is obvious, is irreversible;

the growth rate will slow down;

from a philosophical point of view, this is the times; from a biological point of view, this is the survival of the fittest.

Chen Hongran (director of Shanghai dragon treasures network) that Shanghai dragon must keep pace with the times, use of new media, and should be combined with other forms of promotion in the website operation:

Shanghai dragon future


Hello, I am virtual son rain. Shanghai dragon why search platform recently asked to build complete, are invited to register, which released several topics are very good, Shanghai dragon why aims to build a high quality Shanghai Longfeng Q & a real name system focuses on social, community, through the discussion on some problems of making high quality webmaster friends. I registered after the individual on a topic which is very interested in this topic is the only teacher initiated: how people think about the future of Shanghai dragon? This topic has a lot of friends have a very wonderful answer, I would take the answer out below, to share to everyone:

is Shanghai dragon Er us, not the only way to get traffic as Shanghai dragon, to improve their skills in Shanghai and other forms of dragon attention focus on the network promotion. "

according to some data, the PC market is shrinking, mobile phone terminal share continues to increase, but in the mobile phone on the use of the search engine on the PC frequency is obviously not high, search demand on the mobile phone, are achieved in the application, enter a search site in the search engine in the browser, and then find the answer, this is obviously very cumbersome.

first, with the development of the mobile terminal, the use of the Internet, the use of the search engine in the total flow rate increased;


third, mobile Internet applications, including micro-blog, WeChat, etc., to a younger generation of Internet panners creates new opportunities to create future website user groups may

is Shanghai dragon Er us, don’t limit yourself to love Shanghai, Google and other search engines, comprehend the true meaning of Shanghai dragon, applied to the new media in the future, also can achieve good results.

teacher Cardiff (Shanghai dragon why founder) initiated the topic of Shanghai dragon also talked about the future worries and opportunities

, the search engine, search engine on the entrance flow ratio, the future site number, I have so few views:

with the development of science and technology, familiar with the current search engine in the future may fade out the historical stage. However, the human search behavior will not disappear, the search optimization will always exist.

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