Talk about their views on the content and the chain in recent years

said the others from the new package, can change the words are changed, the idea is very good, if you are confident in their writing skills, afraid of the self defeating, originally very smooth sentences to give you a change or a sequence of words, the meaning of upside down does not even know what is interesting, it is in trouble, you may think this is the original, yes, you are to love Shanghai packaged article that features the original, but you must have the user this, people’s eyes are sharp, but not for smooth sentences or sentences you can’t read continue to read it? Or here to see the information with the famous website to see all the information does not meet, you will visit this site? Cleverness may overreach itself., do not bring good results is the bounce rate rise, return rate Decreased, but these 2 aspects will affect the site a good image in the eyes of love in Shanghai


first statement, I contact Shanghai dragon is not a long time, think the level is limited, in the paper are personal learning from the experience in the process of summing up Shanghai Longfeng views and understanding, and the correctness of the reader themselves! Welcome Paizhuan! Shanghai dragon phoenix is simply for search engine optimization and to get a better ranking, and then into the nature of the role of the site traffic, needless to say. So many search engines can not judge the web standards are the same, is not to take into account each search engine, too, fell in love with the sea is enough! If you don’t have the patience, or want to cheat by means to achieve the fastest speed compared with the effect of the ranking, then congratulations, by cheating may indeed effect in a short period of time, but also regret to speed you, good times don’t last, only do the optimization of days station with skill to live peacefully.

nonsense not say, get to the point. Often heard that "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Indeed! This is someone who has some experience, but here I want to add a prerequisite, is not in the case of cheating. The first said, I think the content in the content is king should refer to the original content and pseudo original content, so that your article is the one and only, do not see the spider slobber, but always to come every day, of course, at the initial stage of the establishment may not be so to take care of you, then you can endure the lonely? If you don’t stand so still advise you diverted, this line is not suitable for you. After the early, as long as you can stick to it, you will find that this spider is very industrious. If you remove the condition in front of me said it is cheating, collecting a large number of the others, so you want to make sure your site weight is higher than others, or you over. Every day, fast and easy, the number is up, but the overall quality decline, eventually will only be love to punish Shanghai.

has developed Google translate is copied directly from foreign websites, the same reason. So the content or try to promote the original, pseudo original also should try to avoid the above mentioned problem! The definition of the chain: This refers to from other websites Guide >

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