How to optimize the basic web structure optimization

imagine, if your website title and your core keyword is not the same, that is to say you store signs tell others that you are selling mutton, you store is the dog, this is not hanging deceptive! So, your website title must reflect keywords to the site. Reasonable layout of

tag optimization, webmaster know, we all are in the optimization of the long tail keywords around several core keywords and expand, while the three label is like a shop sign, tell them what it is.

structure optimization and link optimization is inseparable, our main purpose is to optimize the link, the entire site is like a big spider web, between the various pages can be linked to each other, the home page and column page, column page and column page, the article page and column page, text >


but, if necessary, can put a link on the home page, so the search engine more easily, the equivalent of a two page.

here optimized mainly from several aspects:

second is to increase the user experience of the website, good internal structure, is conducive to the smooth user to find the information they want, which depends on the link structure of the anchor text timely, without thinking to allow users to click on the link, imperceptibly several

browsing page!The In fact, !Why

is the optimization of the structure and structure, try to choose a flat structure, or tree structure, layers of distribution, such as a web page column page, the page, then the root directory can be found at the site of the folder, for each column, the folder is the site of the article page structure. As simple, it is best not to have too many folders, a layer of a layer, when the article page, there will be several layers of the directory, it is difficult for the spider crawling! Deep web page is not easily indexed by search engines.

Is the first

today and we discuss the optimization of the website construction, we should know that the first step is to start from the station optimization, regardless of your station is just on the line of the railway station or is optimized to half of the station, we need to optimize the station, like a snowball, must be within the firm, external to snowball, optimization is the same, the station optimization well, standing outside the promotion can only play a multiplier effect. In the station optimization is the main label optimization, structure optimization, link optimization aspects of

said the website structure optimization is essential to optimize the structure of the Shanghai dragon? Can produce what benefits? Of course is the first to love spiders in Shanghai, we know that in addition to the external links to the page to bring the weight, site within the chain itself also has the very high ranking ability, optimize the structure is very conducive to the search engine spider crawling smoothly growth, included. Moreover, the website structure optimization is an important factor in weight distribution within the page.

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