How to analyze and surpass the competition site

second, the keyword research competition website.

first, how is to see the other page of the website optimization condition, whether through Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

third, included view the competition website. If a competitor’s website included quantity is very large, there are two possibilities:


has a lot of pages to see that purely designers do not understand completely, to Shanghai dragon. All the same, such as the page title in URL with a large number of dynamic parameters etc.. In view the site directory and directory structure, is very clear is the key, is Shanghai dragon treated directory hierarchy is very clear, the website structure is also very reasonable, but not treated directory is very messy. For those who have not been treated in Shanghai Longfeng competition website, as long as your site to do some simple adjustment, keywords ranking is very easily to the front row competition website.


will rival the site to do a table, and then determine the degree of difficulty of each keyword. If the competitors and optimize the same keywords, how long does it take to exceed him, see if it’s worth doing, if the keyword rival optimization particularly difficult, need to spend a year of effort can hope to pass them, such words best give up. Because a year long time, at this time of the year can be optimized to many keywords medium difficulty, medium difficulty conversion keywords these add up to far greater than the difficult words, so there is no need to waste time in this difficult key words.

fourth, see the rival site outside the chain, don’t look at the number of children the number does not have high weight, mainly to see the number of high quality links. This number determines the weight and height of the web site.

when we took over a site began to optimization, we certainly need to analyze the competitors, it is also difficult to learn about the optimization of keywords and the size of the degree of competition, then this website and I analyze how to analyze competitor and beyond other

website or age is very long, included the number is slowly accumulated; or the quality of website content is very high, most published content indexed by search engines. In the first case, as long as some of the content published every day, after a period of time, included in the amount will be more than the competitors. For the second case, obviously the competitor’s website has been highly accurate website optimization, than it is not an easy thing in the collection, so every published content must be of high quality content, so as to make the site slowly by the favour of search engine, in order to obtain high weight to some. Have the opportunity and competition competition.

fifth, see H tag in the page, page text in the layout, site column layout, the arrangement of the internal links and flow, domain name registration.


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