That new Shanghai dragon website content sources and planning scheme

, a new web content from where

2, we will have an Internet for a "for their own industry

a lot of people think, as long as the site to build up a new station in Shanghai Longfeng good writing simple scheme on the line, the other is not necessary to write very detailed, many people think that now the website is depending on the content and the chain, so we must consider no details of the new station in Shanghai Longfeng scheme note or just some unnecessary operation measures. Many of my friends think so, but as a new station, we must in the new Shanghai dragon plan, in addition to the website positioning, title and description, written site navigation layout is good, long tail keywords mining is good, the rest of the railway station is the event content planning this piece, we want to know, as a new station, what things are empty, how should we take this empty place to fill, we must be clear that a site should be placed in what content, what content is very friendly to users and search engines. These are reflected in the content, we need to consider these factors. A discussion about the new source of content and planning how to.

5, we have to consider, we need to update the content of the web site, we update the requirement or index

for the new station planning strategy, Nanning Shanghai dragon Xiaobian to share with you, as a new station, we can locate or planned their new website content planning strategy.

6, we have to consider, every day we are updating website content, the user and search engine is friendly match, we can use statistical tools and online customer service, from which it can get to the user for the website user experience, search engine for website friendly, we can according to the content of the website source and planning the comprehensive evaluation of their own, does not conform to the development of the industry, whether it meets the principle of search engine optimization principle, user experience.

as a new station, we know that a new station, before things are zero, start from scratch, how do we put their new content filling, this is the topic that many people tangled. Nanning Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian to share with you, the new site content from the site where the interpretation is as follows.

2, we have to consider, our website who provide services to

1, we have to consider, our website is what industry

3, we have to consider, our website content should be how to find the site and industry, is a matching relationship with

4, we have to consider, our website content is through the collection, or through artificial processing

1, we have a user analysis

two, the new site content planning strategy

is very strong

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