The four danger process how to deal with the site in Shanghai Dragon

, a new online assessment period


all the webmaster all know, regardless of the site optimization method or formal optimization method of cheating sites including some let the soul stirring the dangerous period, such as the new station on the line after the review period, then the operation of the two audit period for a period of time, the website ranking period, stable period, and most of the webmaster in these danger period do not know how to deal with it, a new station on the line after the evaluation period, strong ability can quickly get out of it, but there are some websites stayed in the assessment period more than a month or even longer, the reason is that the owners do not know how to deal with this situation. Today I come to some dangerous period and processing methods on the website optimization.

as for the assessment period we should how to deal with? One through a lot of original content to attract search engine trust. The second increase quality of Links. The increase of the quality of the chain. The optimization of the site navigation structure, so that the spider love on site.

The two audit period

after each new station on the line, the first thing is to let the search engine included home this is the only way which must be passed after optimization, even if your home page has not been included, then website ranking, the weight of all such cannot get focus and improve, because all the webmaster all know, mainly by the website ranking home page ranking and weight are mainly concentrated in the home above. But every webmaster all know, the new line will exist when certain long review period, and search engine through this review period to determine whether the site has included value, or analyze the index page whether release value. This phase is to deal with the back of the optimization efficiency is a very big impact. Such as the two new sites and into the review period, one after a week or so out included page, and an experience for a month before the release included page. This would make the optimal rate of the latter is not the former, while ranking weights were the former firmly down.

two, the search engine

each site will undergo a two review period, only two times the review period some sites are not too obvious, generally speaking, the main character of the two review period is the site snapshot suddenly stalled, included drop, the chain fell, the ranking fell, these are the main features of the two phase of the audit. In the search engine, the two audit is actually in order to verify the first assessment period and judge the results, see the first results if there is a discrepancy. If there is no search engine to the site to trust more strongly. Webmasters often find their site ranking or see the day before ranking, today is the rise of dozens or even on the home page, after the reason is the web site through the two audit, the search engine to your site more care, because the search engine from the first and second two judgment and comparing with the results obtained the data is not that is say the web site is a positive direction. There are of course not bear two audit so that ZhengZhan be K or >

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